The only way to lead is with (good) data

June 23, 2022 |
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The year 2021 was, among other things, a year of data. Looking at the scope and quality of the information we nowadays have at an arm's reach, it isn't easy to imagine how we ever managed to live without it. Here is a summary of our "datachievements" up to this point. 

Customer experience data 

Instead of guessing, we conducted in-depth interviews with a few customers in chosen industries. 

  • Learnings: We learned what customers value the most, why they chose us, what we can do to make their life easier, how Premix should develop products & services, opportunities for future collaboration, and strategy outlooks.  
  • Surprising output: Customers appreciated the interview in itself and felt it showed how we value their point of view. They felt the discussions had already deepened our relationship.  
  • Next steps: In 2022, we will expand customer experience measurements to other customer segments. 

We want to thank the customers for their valuable time! 

CX = customer experience, understanding
what brings value to customers. 


Employee experience data 


If customer understanding is essential, so is also understanding the people contributing to the customer experience.  

  • Tools used: Siqni platform/frame
  • Learnings: We learned what is meaningful to different teams, which aspects are already at a high level, and where we need to improve the most. 

We are now more systematic in asking for employee feedback and ideas about working habits and strategy.  


eNPS = employee experience, understanding what
is meaningful for employees at work. 


 Customer relationship data 


We needed a common place for all customer data to manage customer processes efficiently. 

  • Tools used: We started using Oracle's NetSuite as our primary business platform. NetSuite is very scalable and can adapt to new needs (geography, e.g., CN, US, functionality such as supply chain management). 
  • Output: We have customer and process-related data professionally managed under the same roof. NetSuite serves as a backbone for our new data-driven culture. 
  • Delightful output: Automatization of routine tasks saves time for more meaningful work. 


CRM platform = Customer Relationship
Management platform.



There is only so much data one person can digest. The data needs to be collected and reported concisely to support management's and employees' needs. 

  • Tools used: Microsoft's Power BI. 
  • Output: Real-time reports and visualizations of the relevant data. 
  • Delightful output: A surprisingly agile and easy-to-learn way of creating company-wide reporting. 


Jan Järveläinen

Jan Järveläinen

Our Service Development Director Jan likes to make sure that things work, preferably smoothly and with a glimpse of aesthetics. Whether you’re talking about development processes, company culture, relationships, strategy implementation, or IT systems, he's driven by reaching workable solutions.

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